About us

About us

Purpose of Establishment

Salt is absolutely essential for human life. It has long been present in cultural events such as rituals as a sacred/valuable thing and its production/distribution has been an element in social and economic development.

In recent years, our food culture has been changed greatly by a number of factors including the popularization of ready meals and the development of the restaurant industry and convenience stores. But salt is a seasoning available to any family and is also used in food manufacturing - it has been a familiar and constant part of our lives. But no matter how our lives may change in the future, we may never be able to live without salt.

Salt was a government monopoly from 1905 to 1997. The Salt Industry Center of Japan was established in 1996(as an Incorporated Foundation, and transferred to a Public Incorporated Foundation in 2014.) as the sole research institute in this field. The Center took over the technology and finding that had been cultivated over the years and it has since been providing information on the results from the theoretical study of salt production technology and multidisciplinary field research relating to salt. Also, shortly after its establishment, the Center was designated by the Minister of Finance under the Salt Business Law (Law No.39 of 1996) * to reserve salt for emergencies as well as supply inexpensive salt nationwide with due consideration to safety and stability.

Today, because there are diversified connection between our individual lives and salt, the Center not only conducts researches by anticipating changes in our future solution, but also endeavors to provide consumers with a better understanding of valuable yet familiar salt so that it is safe to use at any time.

* Salt Business Law・・・ This law aims to implement the necessary measures in order to secure the stable supply of good quality salt through the appropriate operation of the salt business. It also aims to promote the sound development of our national salt business and to contribute to the stability of national life because, after the abolishment of the Salt Monopoly Law, salt is still a non-substitutable material essential to people's lives.


The Salt Industry Center of Japan
Date of Establishment
July 1st, 1996
(Date of transference to a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation: April 1st, 2014 )
5th Floor, NT Bldg., 1-47-1 Oi, Shinagawa, Tokyo 140-0014 Japan
Reserach Institute
4-13-20, Sakawa, Odawara, Kanagawa 256-0816 Japan


Investigative Reserach Activities relating to salt

  • Investigations relating to salt
  • Research on salt manufacturing technology, commodity technology, and quality of salt and analysis techniques
  • Provide results of investigation and research
  • Trustee analysis services

Distribution of salt

  • Distribution of domestic use salt to customers all over Japan
  • Reservation the necessary amount of salt in case of emergency